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  • Fitness Myths Busted

    by – When you are stressed you usually go for emotional eating. The problem is that junk food will make you feel worse than you already do Written by guest author Talar Demirdjian We’ve all heard too many quick fixes to getting fit, or we believe spending hours at the gym are going to make us look like Victoria’s Secret Models, or cutting out certain things from our diet will finally be the way of losing our love handles, but the truth is you’ve probably been fed a load of lies, and fitness isn’t as simple as that. So, I’m about to bust some fitness myths you’ve probably heard over the years! Myth: Crunches are the key to flat abs Crunches are probably the most well-known abdominal exercise around, but doing crunches is not actually the best way to slim your tummy area, since they don't actually burn off a lot of calories, and thus will not really help in losing fat. Moves involving your shoulders and butt more effectively engage your entire core, so next time you want to work on your “Abs” do some planks and bridges. Myth: If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard Did you sweat more than usual during your regular afternoon run? Well, I’m sorry to say that it doesn't mean you necessarily burnt any more calories than usual. In actually depends on the focus of your workout, you may bench press a ton ( figure of speech) while taking a lot of breaks in between, and not seat a lot, but you sure as well would be working hard. So, before your start agonizing about your sweating, focus on whether endurance or strength is the focus of your training. Myth: Cardio till you’re skinny People think that running and cardio are the end all be all of losing weight and fitness. However, if you want a svelter physique, focused weight training is a more effective way to lose weight than investing hours on the treadmill. Also, interval and weight training is a better way to reduce fat (try our “Start Tabata” and “ Start Pumping” classes”. Myth: Lift weights? No, I’ll get bulky! Ladies, this one is particularly for you. No, lifting weight will NOT suddenly make you look like the hulk. Women typically have less muscle tissue and produce lower levels of testosterone than men, meaning we're less physiologically prone to becoming super muscular. Myth: I need my Gatorade! While sports drink commercials will have you believe that you absolutely need them after a workout, old school water, and a high-protein snack will do the trick. Electrolyte-pumped sports drinks are really only necessary (and not even always) for gym sessions or intense cardio workouts that last more than an hour. The extra sugar in sports drinks can hinder the fat-burning process, so they should be reserved for those times when they're truly necessary. We’ll be busting some more fitness myths in another article, so stay tuned!
  • Healthy Lebanese snacks

    by – When you are stressed you usually go for emotional eating. The problem is that junk food will make you feel worse than you already do The Healthiest Lebanese Snacks for Busy People The clock is ticking, you’re at work, probably doing some tedious paperwork of sorts, and all you actually want to be doing is eating a candy bar, a bag of chips, or pretty much anything to distract you from the task at hand, fitness be damned. Or, alternatively, you’re just hungry in between meals and want to much on something. Well, I’m here to tell you that snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing, there are dozens of ways you can snack without putting on extra weight, or feeling “guilty”, I’ve prepared a list of healthy Lebanese themed snacks that can get you through the day and keep your idle hands busy, and your Fitness goals in check. Green soybeans Before the rise of “edamame” in hipster bars and restaurants, we would buy ‘Foul Akhdar Soya’ from men selling them on the streets in Lebanon, and eat them as snacks in the car or at home. This was actually quite a healthy practice as it’s a good source of Vitamin A, calcium, and iron, it’s also low in sodium and does not contain any cholesterol or saturated fats. Spiced Chickpeas When you roast chickpeas in a hot oven, they become super crunchy. They're also a really good low-fat substitute for nuts when you’re craving something salty. Drizzle some olive oil, mix it with cumin and all spice, and you have a great snack ready to take to work with you. Hummus + Celery/Carrot Another way to use chickpeas is Hummus! I’ve made my love for hummus very public, it makes me love Lebanon more, and I will sing its praises forever, especially as a low calorie and filling snack, while paired with celery or carrot sticks instead of bread. Watermelon + Fetta Cheese I find this to be the most summery and refreshing snack, pairing the sweetness of the watermelon with the mild saltiness of feta cheese (or any other white cheese produced in Lebanon) just makes your mouth happy, and it’s also a very healthy alternative to salt & sweet snacks, like biscuits and chocolate, you get the same satisfaction but with the fraction of the calories. Raw Unsalted Cashews If all else fails, and you don’t have energy to prepare anything, just buy raw unsalted cashews, they taste great, and they are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Not to mention that they are packed with proteins, but you fitness minded people, be careful as these are still considered fatty nuts, you shouldn’t go overboard with them.    
  • Simple Workouts to try on the Beach

    Written by guest author Talar Demirdjian  Whether it be by the shores of Batroun, or on the sandy coasts of Sour, Lebanon has some of the best beaches you can hope for, so when the weather is beautiful and breezy take your workouts outdoors and enjoy the sound of the crashing waves. Fitness never felt so Breezy. Sand Sprints  Warm your body up by running a few laps up and down the coast on the sand. When you feel comfortable enough, mark a distance by drawing a line in the sand or by putting two towels by the ends. Sprint from one end to the other, try to do 15-30 second sprints, with a ten-second break between them. It’s much harder to sprint on the sand, so the resistance makes it so much harder than regular sprints so you'll feel them much more. Water Run If you want to graduate from the Sand Sprints, and simultaneously feel like you’re on Baywatch, Water Jogging or Running is for you! Not only does it keep you cool, but also the water adds extra resistance, making you work out harder. This is probably better for sandy beaches, like in the South of Lebanon. This is a great way of making cardio more fun in your regular fitness routine. The Beach Crawl On cool, dry, and soft sand, lower into a plank position. Crawl forward on your hands and feet for half a minute, or a full minute if you can. The smooth sand destabilizes your hands and feet, making your hamstrings and glutes work harder. Sand Lunges These are you basic lunges but with the added difficulty level of doing them on the sand, step one foot forward, while keeping your front knee above your ankle, go lower so that your back knee slightly touches the sand. Then come back up, and do it again. Do this times and then reverse legs. Yoga Enjoy the relaxing feeling of yoga while watching the beautiful sunset next to the shore. All you need is a towel and your positive energy. Whether you do your favorite flow by yourself, or take one of the many available sunset yoga classes offered in Lebanon, you are bound to enjoy this workout to the fullest. What are the advantages of a workout in the sand? When you work out in the sand, your body has to work much harder. This is because sand isn’t a stable surface–it’s always moving underneath you, and you continuously need to make tiny adjustments to maintain each move. This results in using more of the muscles in your feet, legs, arms and core, including muscles that you probably don’t normally use. So, this is something to definitely add to your normal fitness routine. If you need some motivation to start your fitness routine, come and check out Start Living Right gym: 76 496 999    

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