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  • Best Vitamins and Supplements to Take For Mental Focus

    Written by guest author Brenan Quirante Peak nootropics Noopept Nootropic Supplements Some people search for supplements and vitamins to help them improve their memory, cognitive ability and focus. It's not easy focusing on tasks that don't seem interesting to you, especially when it comes to studying. This applies to people of all ages but can most notably be seen with students. When you have a lot of work and a lot to study, you get reluctant on doing what's supposed to be done. More often than not, this problem persists and people end up not doing their job. If you fit into this category and are looking to change that, look no further! We will mention some great supplements and vitamins that should help boost your mental focus, memory and interest. Supplements and vitamins - Alpha GPC – This chemical is a version of choline which is made synthetically. Alpha GPC supplements work differently from the usual and basic choline supplements. It rapidly moves the choline into the brain and brain cells where the brain uses it to create new, healthy brain cell membranes. It also helps with the growth of fresh brain cells and the levels of neurotransmitters which are responsible for relaxation. Its main job is to improve memory in people - this applies to everyone, whether they are 18 or 66 or more! Another cool benefit is help with warding off illnesses that are associated with old age. There are special Alpha GPC Nootropic Supplements which you can use to help improve your memory. - Curcumin – This ingredient can be found in the spice Turmeric which is native to India. Curcumin itself has many health benefits like being antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, etc. The ingredient also protects your brain in many ways. Curcumin is known to increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine – chemicals which cause what we call 'happiness'. It helps with memory loss as well as boosting one's memory that isn't bad. If you want to increase your ability to remember things, taking Curcumin supplements will give you an edge. - Piracetam – This supplement boosts cognitive ability and is primarily used in Europe and Asia. The United States haven't recognized this as legal and it is therefore forbidden to use. It is a nootropic supplement and you can find them online. There is also evidence that it helps with dementia and slows the decay of brain cells. There have been a few studies that show this drug being very effective in older patients. The supplement is most popular with students who have a lot going on and cannot effectively study without something to boost their abilities. - Noopept – This is probably one of the best supplements you could buy. Numerous users reported a staggering increase in cognitive ability, memory, learning ability and even verbal communication skills. It is a nootropic supplement that is one of the most popular ones on the market. It isn't very expensive either. If you are looking for something to take care of everything at once, then this is probably the right choice. A plethora of positive reviews and satisfied users of Noopept (powder) is a sign that it's the thing everyone is looking for! - DHA – This is an acid that is very important to the brain and a lack of it can cause many issues. It's found in the part of the brain which is responsible for creativity, emotions, language, memory, and attention. Low levels of this acid have been linked with depression and anger, and even some more serious problems. This is why you should take supplements which are related to DHA – they not only help improve all mental abilities, they also keep the levels of DHA in check. You don't want to have a lack of this acid because problems that we mentioned are surely not needed. -Citicoline – This is a natural compound that you can find in every cell of the human body. It isn't well known for some reason but it can be described as being the best supplement that you can get. On par with Noopept, Citicoline is a huge booster. It increases blood flow to the brain and causes cells to regenerate as well as create new ones. Another healthy benefit you get from using Citicoline is the reduction of free radical damage and inflammation. Supplements with Citicoline can help improve memory, focus, concentration and attention. These are just a small number of supplements available for you to use to help yourself mentally. Some of these help with other things as well, whilst a deficit of others can potentially mean harm. You should also check which ones you are able to use because some people react badly to some additives and vitamins. Even though they are found in your body, taking them can cause issues. There are also a lot of others out there and you shouldn't shy away from researching themselves. We don't have a lot of space here to cover all of them, but trust us – it's worth exploring. You might find something better for yourself as only you can know exactly what you need. Taking these supplements isn't necessary but it is recommended if you are having issues with memory, focus, concentration, etc. There are ways that you can fix this problem without supplements but an easier and healthier way is to simply find the ones that are good for you and start taking them. Most supplements contain natural ingredients that can already be found in our body. Things like Turmeric have so many benefits regarding the whole body it's worth taking it each and every day. There are a few recipes for making things with Turmeric and we're sure they're tasty and healthy. Others are just necessities like DHA and you shouldn't let yourself have a deficit of that. All in all, supplements open many doors to people and they don't have almost any side-effects. You should still look into each one and consult with your nutritionist or doctor on which ones to take.
  • How to Stay Motivated And Reach Your Goals

    One of the main reasons why people never reach their fitness goals is because they give up too easily and stop following their diet or exercise programs. It is very easy to lose motivation and quickly return back to old lifestyle habits.  Here are a few tips to keep you going until you get into the best shape of your life.   1-      Think about the results you want to achieve Before you give up and decide that your program is not worth following, think about the results you would achieve if you followed through to the end. Imagine losing weight, having a six pack or being in the best shape of your life. In fitness if you want to achieve a goal, you have to get up and earn it. It might be challenging to follow a healthy diet and you might not be in the mood to train, but doing so for an extended period of time will help you achieve a goal that will be worth every second of hard work.   2-      The results are the same, whether you are motivated or not Sometimes it all boils down to doing it, whether you feel like it or not. Your body doesn’t care if you are motivated.  The results will always be the same, regardless of what state of mind you are in. There is a saying that 80% of success is showing up. We all have days when we want to eat bad food or skip a workout. Don’t give in and do what you need to do to reach your goals. This guarantees success and will ensure you never fall off the wagon.   3-      You will never get anything done if you only work on the days you feel good If we only train or follow a good diet when we are in a good mood, then we will never see any results. Success is all about doing what needs to be done whether you feel like it or not. You will discover that a healthy diet and exercise will help to improve you mood and make you even more productive.   4-      Don’t be impatient Many people give up too easily because it takes so long to see results. A major body transformation takes no less than two to three months. Fat loss is extremely slow and gradual. It can be frustrating to put in so much work and barely notice any results, however, if you are consistent and keep working hard, you will eventually start to notice differences in your body. Stay patient and focus on the journey rather than the destination. As that quote says, Rome was not built in a day.   5-      All things are difficult before they are easy It might be extremely difficult to follow through with a diet or exercise program, however all things are difficult before they become easy. The first month will be extremely tough and might leave you feeling hungry, tired, exhausted or even frustrated. However, do not give up and stick it out.  It will get easier with time.   In conclusion, it is important to follow your program even when you feel like your motivation is starting to fade away.  Nothing worth having comes easy and with a lot of hard work and consistency, you will see the results you are looking for. Have the strength to do what needs to be done whether your motivation is at its peak or slowly creeping away.      
  • Does eating late at night cause weight gain?

    Many people have emailed me with the belief that eating late at night is causing them to gain weight. However, this is nothing more than a myth. This old wives' tale propagates that our metabolism slows down at night because we are inactive and therefore, we store the food we eat as fat. An incorrect popular quote states that we should "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper." Is this true? Weight gain is only influenced by overall calorie intake, food portion sizes and the quality of the food that we choose to eat. It actually has nothing to do with the time of day we have our meals. Research by the U.S. Department of Agriculture confirms this theory and describes it as "calories in verses calories out". This explicitly means we gain weight by consuming more calories than we burn and we lose weight by burning more calories than we consume. Where did this idea evolve from? Most people tend to overeat at night whether it is due to boredom, stress, emotional eating or simply to satisfy their cravings. These nighttime binges are sometimes out of control and individuals consume large portions of high-calorie snacks. Nutritionists advise against eating at night because it is so easy to overdo it. These late night snacks contribute to weight gain, quite often tricking people into believing that late-night eating is bad for you. How should you eat at night? There is nothing wrong with eating at night as long as your meals are healthy and you do not consume more calories than you burn. Sometimes being too restrictive, i.e. refusing to eat after 6pm, can cause more harm than good. This might make you feel extremely hungry and even set you up for failure if you end up binging and cheating on your diet. If you enjoy eating at night, make sure you enjoy low-calorie healthy snacks. Be aware of what you are eating and pay attention to your portion sizes and the quality of the food you eat. If you are trying to lose weight, the only thing you need to worry about is that you are following a healthy diet and an exercise program. This is far more important than worrying about what time of day you eat. I have personally always eaten meals at night and saw results whenever I was trying to lose weight. If you need help with a fat loss program, just download my free guide here.

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