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2016-06-11 12:43
hi maya i wanna ask you some questions about diet and exercises how i can talk with you?
hiba zantout
2014-11-18 10:36
2014-11-15 10:42
Hi Maya
I just saw your interview in Kalam Nawaam and we are so proud of you
My question to you is
Unfortunately i'm 30kg overweight!&i'm 28 years, married ..I'm now dieting and playing Zumba ,Sipping and many workout
but I'm losing weight very slow, I need to lose it fast because I want to have a baby and I wish to lose weight before getting pregnant asasp!! Please tell me what to do extra??!!
Thank you :)
Sara k
2014-11-10 03:30
Hi maya , I had chemotherapy treatment and i gained weight about 25 lb I done with my chemo since June 2014 and I tried to loosing wight but I can't so please I need help
2014-11-09 22:20
2014-11-09 21:38
hyy maya!! i lost weight and i start to get fit but the cellulite ...!!! how can i get rid of
2014-10-23 15:43
dear i gained 21 kilo during pregnancy and i need to start loosing weight while breastfeeding can u help plz?
ftima serhan
2014-09-07 08:28
hey maya :) i wanted to ask you if it's necessary to dirty bulk before having abs?and what is dirty bulking just 18 and ive been working hard for my abs and ive been told i cant have any without using proteins is that true?i would really appreciate a reply and thanks :)
Yoka Nassar
2014-08-12 04:55
Hello Maya, I would like to respond to Doris who asked about exercises for women above 40. I liked her question and would have like to interact. Are you planning of adding this tool? A life question and answer blog?
Yoka Nassar
2014-08-12 04:52
Dear Maya, when I swim for more than 20 minutes I have cramps in my toes. This happens whether I swim with flippers or without. It actually debilitates my exercising as I have to stop and stretch my feet against the wall many times. I was told it is because of a lack of magnesium but I think my feet are just cold. Your advice is much appreciated :-)

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